Upcycling of furniture – from the ordinary to the eye-catcher

Upcycling of furniture – from the ordinary to the eye-catcher

Boring to look at and unsightly furniture is being redesigned by me turning into an eye-catcher. With my transformation of the furniture a striking accent is set in the room and at the same time an attractive eye-catcher. The furniture is individually upgraded and completely changed by the new individual look. Artistically executed with assorted styles and techniques, collages, materials, combined with calligraphic designs. Whether in a romantic look, extravagant, sparkling, cheeky, modern, nostalgic, or colorful, happy individual pieces for children to a lasting childhood memory. Clearly, the taste of women and men differs significantly in color, style and theme, resulting in respect of these aspects very different individual furniture. The creative possibilities are unlimited.

Are you looking for a very special piece of furniture, a unique piece that nobody else has? Do you have a piece of furniture that you do not like anymore? Contact me. I make you a jewel, a unique piece that you will enjoy. In a consultation, we agree together on the color choice, materials and techniques.

Weathered garden furniture is transformed so that no one carelessly passes it. Would you like to spice up your café.The tables, chairs, small furniture, shelves? I transform everything to your liking with my expertise. The guests will think; wow what a difference. Here I would like to come and stay. An “in-local” eye-catcher. A lounge suddenly becomes cozy.

Just contact me. Together we create a masterpiece.

 Furniture for Sale


Newly upcycled garden furnitures. Whether in the garden or on the balcony they will surely become an eye-catcher and will bring you in cheerful summer-mood. Painted with acrylic -and mineral colors. Uniquely lettered with creative and modern calligraphy. Price for the set consisting the table and 3 chairs, CHF: 550.00.- Sold


Not for sale, just an example

Yellow bedside table

The lovely bedside table is painted in a fresh and bright yellow color with acrylic paint with napkin technique. lettered with modern calligraphy.
Measures: 52 x 36 x 65cm
Price: CHF 280.00.-

Children’s furniture

Children will be delighted

The table with 2 chairs have been altered with a new design, all handcrafted and painted with colorful acrylic paint.and matt varnish. Each animal written with modern calligraphy. Children will love this unique furnitures.
Measures: 80 x 80 x 50cm
Price: CHF 320.00.-


The dresser is painted with fresh green acrylic combined with napkin technique and collages with printed linol paint, Lettered with modern calligraphy
Measures: 63 x 36 x 60cm
Price: CHF 290.00.-

Red Chest

The red chest with acrylic paint has been alterd into a new design, all handcrafted. The decorations are done with napkin technique combine with modern calligraphy
Measures: 52 x 38 x 40cm
Price: CHF 250.00.-

Chairs for Children


An old and boring trunk has been altered and newly designed and handcrafted with acrylic paint, combined with.collages and slates.Lettered with modern calligraphy.
Measures: 60 x 33 x 46cm
Price: CHF 280.00.-