Pictures add radiance to a room, making it appear warmer and more attractive. Pictures are part of the furnishings that complement each other harmoniously and give the room a soul. When looking at a picture, you can lose yourself in it, dream and relax.

For my clients I create individual calligraphic artworks. We discuss the style, color combinations, measurements, all the necessary details, suitable for the chosen wall. I love to embellish spaces with my creative paintings.

They also serve to convey meaningful messages, whether through textual or pictorial representations, for companies, clinics, practices, private room, etc.

Vogel Collage

I gladly offer customized calligraphic art pieces or collages according to individual wishes.

Live your Dream


  • Design according to individual wishes
  • Choice of theme, related to companies
  • Color, style, font and text according choice
  • Processing desired on paper – framed
  • On wood or canvas – unframed
  • Tags
  • Unicates

For special occasions and unforgettable moments. Written on beautiful handmade paper with calligraphed words attracts attention, a gift with a greeting adds a personal touch.

Dekorative Schriftgestaltung

Capturing of important events

Give birth, the 1st birthday, the 20th birthday, the wedding; on request also for many other occasions of life

Unfortunately, many years later, we no longer remember all the details of important events in a perceived, ever faster circle of life. Too much we may be overwhelmed by our feelings, especially when we are surrounded by people who are emotionally close to us. I think of the birth of my own children. One has been waiting all the months giving birth, suddenly the baby is there, it lies in the arms of his parents. These are moments of incredible touching emotions. You are shaken up, looking at the little creature, cannot believe it belongs to your own family. When the children get older, the curiosity often awakens for a better understanding of their own lives and their previous stages, starting from the birth of their own childhood. People only remember their own life after a certain age, the more exciting it is when one day they hear the stories from their parents. Parents often cannot remember all the details. The challenge is even greater, with several children. The moving moments after birth are written down by the parents. This text will be handwritten by me in any calligraphic style of your choice and placed in a beautiful calligraphic designed case, along with my personalized introductory text. It is a very special gift, for example, for the 20th birthday, which will be kept until then. I like to do other imaginative creations of wonderful events.

Handmade designs:

Art cards

Labeled envelopes


Place cards




Gift tags

Freude schenken

A further selection of order possibilities:

  • Menu cards
  • Invitations
  • Personal texts
  • Wedding invitations
  • Birth announcements
  • Letterings
  • Book entries
  • Tattoo samples
  • Honorary certificates
  • Certificates
  • Personal cards for customers and employees


Calligraphic texts of your choice or love letters, on paper, wood, canvas


Some samples of designs and decoration

Slate stone
Moderne Kalligraphie mit Stein
Herbstliches Bild
Fliegende Pinselstriche, filigranes Design

Upcycling of small furniture

The furnitures have been brought to life with bold paint shades

Processing according to agreement:

  • Choice of colours
  • Font style
  • Text selection
  • Without text if desired
  • Decoration with patterns

My hands on experience allows me to transform your small furnitures ( indoor -and outdoor) into a unique piece that you will fall in love with

Sale of my Art Work:

Under the category works and on instagram you will find a selection of my pictures. I will be happy to design a unique piece for you according to your ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to offer a personal consultation and to give further informations.

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