Further course options

March 3, 2024 Hanna Biedermann

A personalized private course offers the following benefits:

  • My personalized guidance and support allow you to work intensively on topics of your choice and to deepen your knowledge.
  • Working on a specific agreed project can be tackled efficiently with my expert support and personalized advice.
  • The idea is missing to bring a work in progress to completion. Disappointment can develop into frustration. New food for thought can help. With my expert advice, we can work together to find new and valuable ideas that result in creative solutions.
  • Calligraphic decorations (e.g. place cards) are created for an upcoming festive occasion to set beautiful and inspiring accents.
  • Further possibilities by arrangement.

Prices for private lessons:

  • Single person: CHF 90.00 per hour
  • 2 persons: CHF 70.00.- per hour
  • 3 persons: CHF 50.00.- per hour

Course for parents or grandparents with children aged 8 and over in Basel

Playful creations with letters made with different writing implements and lots of colours. Fun for young and old and a lasting memory.

Price: 1 hour, for 1 adult with a child, CHF 90.00.- incl. materials


Children’s courses

Children’s courses on request and by arrangement

Program in school project weeks, participation in holiday program, for various occasions or in preparation for a festive event. During my demonstrations at a trade exhibition and at the MUBA, many children took up the pen themselves and clearly enjoyed the mini workshops.

Young people are enthusiastic about calligraphy. They immerse themselves in the exercises, which they tackle completely unencumbered by their inventiveness.


My observations:

During the courses, girls and boys were immersed in their calligraphic work. They produced independent, creative works. They were so absorbed that they didn’t want a break.

This gives the calligrapher the opportunity to contribute to promoting the creativity of young people.


Further courses on request

For school classes, for example during a project week, program by arrangement. For my part, this is an exciting experience that I am always happy to take on


For companies, an off-site or on-site seminar guarantees a creative experience and a break from mental work.

  • You will receive a quote based on your enquiry.
  • Course duration: 2 hours to 1 day

For schoolteachers for further training, creative course. An assignment is already planned for 2024

Gift vouchers for courses.

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a special occasion? Or would you like to give someone a special gift that will be remembered? With a gift voucher you can bring joy.

  • The value of the gift voucher can be freely determined.
  • The gift voucher is sent in a beautiful design by post to the customer or, if desired, directly to the recipient

There are many other possibilities for calligraphy.

Contact, 079 311 72 61 or hanna@kalligraphie-hb.ch

I look forward to your enquiry!