Regular courses, quarterly and semester courses in Basel and Münchenstein

March 3, 2024 Hanna Biedermann

The digital world is incredible, we are dependent on it, but a lot is also lost in the process. I think of handwriting and, in this case, calligraphy. This wonderful art creates inner peace without allowing distracting thoughts. The pen and ink glide slowly across the paper, leaving alternating fine and bold lines. A connection is created between heart and hand. The writer’s emotions are reflected and allow for individual expression. Immerse yourself in the world of calligraphy. It has so much to offer and provides well-being and inner peace.

Surely, you’ll find something for you in the overview of my courses, there are many options to choose from.

” The future belongs to those who recognize the possibilities before they become obvious.”

Oscar Wilde


Regular courses every 2 weeks

Mixed groups, participants are at different levels.


Münchenstein: Wednesday, 19:30 – 21:30

Traditional calligraphy:

Beginners: Anglaise, Antiqua

Advanced students: Humanistic Italic, Merian Fractur, Versals, Spencerian, Copperplate, Uncial. The alphabet is learnt for all fonts, followed by more in-depth work with finer points with gouache and designs. Own creative ideas.


Experimental calligraphy for advanced students:

Colored backgrounds, building up backgrounds in layers with selected materials, getting to know different writing tools and experimenting with them, working on different backgrounds, using different techniques and materials.

Collage mit Antiqua

Collages with calligraphic elements, creating your own lettering, modern calligraphic font, gestural writing, themed projects. The possibilities are endless.


Basel: Thursday, 9:30am – 11:30 am

For beginners and advanced students. Beginners start with the cursive script Anglaise, those who already have previous knowledge will learn a new script from traditional calligraphy after consultation with me. All participants will receive personal and individual support from me.


Basel: Thursday, 19:00 – 21:00

The same program as in Münchenstein

The regular courses can be booked as semester courses or quarterly courses.


Course Fees:

Semester course with 10 lessons: CHF 450.00 (plus material for beginners CHF

14.00.-) If you join the semester course in between, you pay the higher rate of CHF 50.00.- per lesson

Quarter course: 5 lessons CHF 225.00.- (plus material for beginners CHF 14.00.-)

Private courses: See prices under private course offers below

Payment: The costs must be paid before each 1st course attendance, either by TWINT 079 311 72 61 or by bank transfer IBAN: CH90 0483 5060 7340 4000 0

There are no courses during the school holidays.


A few opinions from course participants

I come straight from work to Hanna’s course. Her course helps me to wind down after a stressful day. After the course I feel refreshed and relaxed.


I appreciate the calm atmosphere. Traditional calligraphy must be done slowly and with concentration, which was something I had to get used to at first. Now I just like this slowness.


I have been attending Hanna’s calligraphy course for a year now. I have found a new hobby there. I can immerse myself in calligraphy for hours, relax and regenerate, it’s pure joy. I am fascinated by Hanna’s free designs, which radiate so much lightness that I would love to learn.


I am grateful for the regular course I attend, where I receive Hanna’s support and her suggestions, which encourage me. Sometimes a single hint from her is enough to solve my blockage. The dialogue with the group is also stimulating and inspiring.


Joint exhibition with my course participants

My long-standing course participants had a special experience when they took part in our joint exhibition at the Artworks gallery in Liestal in 2013. The joint and individual preparations showed them what it means to organize an exhibition. It was a great pleasure for them to present their works to the public for the first time. The local broadcaster Telebasel reported on the highlights of the vernissage.

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Weekend courses in the monastery in Mariastein, SO

For many years I ran 3 weekend courses a year in the monastery of Mariastein. In the silence of this wonderful place of power we found the necessary peace to devote ourselves intensively to calligraphy.

After all those years at Mariastein Monastery, I ran a few weekend courses at Engelberg Monastery and at the Paxmontana Hotel in Flüeli-Ranft


Workshop in Budapest

Budapest is one of my favorite cities, where my roots come from. It was a special pleasure for me to offer the 6-day calligraphy workshop as an art and culture program. With my insider knowledge I introduced the participants from Switzerland and Germany to the mentality, the culture, and the beauties of Budapest. Our studio was right on the banks of the Danube with a view of the castle, what more could you want?


Enroll, price according to course selection, by arrangement