Handlettering Courses in Basel, from 14.11.23

October 10, 2023 Hanna Biedermann

Immerse yourself in the diverse and colourful world of handlettering. Letters are shaped, changed and staged. A lot is sketched in pencil and traced with pens. Afterwards filled in with colour and decorated with patterns. Through the creative transformations, the letters present themselves like in a fancy party dress.

You get to know the writing material, that’s the alpha and omega. Because when you enter a shop for the first time to buy pens, you stand baffled and overwhelmed in front of the racks full of different kind of pens. And that is exactly what we’re going to avoid. You will be well prepared before you start do the handlettering.

Handlettring verschiedene Arten

Objective: To learn the alphabet of a block font and another font with serifs. Learn various ways of designing the fonts in a variety of ways. If you make a crooked line, it doesn’t matter. Just be natural, relaxed and let your creativity to unfold. In this course we use pencils, also coloured pencils and gouache colours. With embellishments you can create great effects. You will make cards, signs, place cards and much more. It is fun to “play” with letters.

It will be exciting to change your own handwriting, to let it flow playfully and easily between the block letters.

Let yourself be surprised by the colourful, happy world of letters. I look forward to seeing you.

When? You can choose from two courses with the same programme which take place every 2 weeks:


Tuesday, Course 1: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, 6 lectures a 2 hours

Course dates: 14.11.2023 / 28.11.2023 / 12.12.2023 / 09.01.2024 / 23.01.2024 / 07.02.2024

Wednesday, course 2: 9:30 am – 11:30 am, 6 lectures a 2 hours

Course dates: 15.11.2023 / 29.11.2023 / 13.12.2023 / 10.01.2024 / 24.01.2024 / 08.02.2024

Stifte für Handlettering

Course costs: Each course CHF 270.00.- incl. 2 pens.

Payment: By TWINT 079 311 72 61 or transfer

IBAN: CH90 0483 5060 7340 4000 0

Registration deadline: Until November 03, 2023, via my registration form on my website, www.kalligraphie-hb.ch