Day course, Saturday, 5. November 22, in Thalwil, ZH

August 16, 2022 Hanna Biedermann

Topic: Modern Calligraphy in Autumn Colors

No previous knowledge necessary

9:00am – 5:00pm


An exciting, creative feel-good day with calligraphy awaits us all. Who still writes with a pen these days? Of course the lovers of calligraphy, it is writing for all the senses, watching the pen leaving its wet traces on the paper is impressive. Modern calligraphy is a free font, it leaves room for individual expression and is fun. I call it dancing writing, lively and with lightness. 

Introduction to modern calligraphic writing with ink and pen. We will experiment, paint backgrounds, design them with the new font. We will use different writing utensils, pointed nibs, brushes, balsa wood, gouache paints and other colours. We will be inspired by the warm autumnal colours. The creation of a small picture on canvas remains as a memory of this creative day.

Just let yourself drift, try things out, be inspired, feel joy.

Moderne Kalligraphie
Moderne Kalligraphie



  • For newcomers familiarisation with the pointed pen
  • Introduction to the modern calligraphic script
  • Learning of the alphabet
  • Exercises with coloured brush strokes and with balsa wood
  • Autumnal, warm colours as backgrounds
  • Creation of a small picutre on canvas

Course leader: Hanna Biedermann

Contact: Tel: 061 322 56 36 / Mobile: 079 311 72 61 / E-Mail:

Lunch: self-catering, coffee and tea on site for a small fee

  • Course fee: CHF 250.00.- including penholder, 2 nibs, ink, templates
  • Location: Atelier Otto, Dorfstrasse 53 in Thalwil (close to the trainstation, free parking in the next street across from the atelier usually available)
  • The course will take place with a minimum of 4 participants, Registration until 23. October 2022 via the registration form on my website. To secure your place, please register early.