Weekend Course, 16. 9.- 18.9.22 at the Benedictine Monastery in Engelberg, OW

April 12, 2022 Hanna Biedermann

Duration: Friday 4:00pm – Sunday, 2022, 4.00 pm

Topic: Spencerian Scripture (alternatively Anglaise)

 Knowledge of Anglaise or Copperplate is desired. For beginners, it is possible to learn Anglaise instead of Spencerian, aligned with the Spencerian script program.

This year I am also planning a course at the Engelberg monastery. An ideal location to do calligraphy. We are surrounded by a wonderful mountain landscape. We are in good hands at the monastery and can indulge in the art of calligraphy in peace and quiet. Whoever enters the monastery for the first time is amazed, moved by a devout admiration at the sight of the historical and impressive monastery complex.

Gestaltungen mit Spencerian Schrift

The main focus of the program will of course be calligraphy, but breaks in between are just as important. There will be the opportunity to look around Engelberg. To visit the small market on Saturday, to stretch your feet in the beautiful mountain landscape. The next hiking trail starts right next to the monastery. The Spencerian is an aesthetically pleasing, elegant classical script that is extremely attractive to write in. Its forms are oval, narrow and the lower-case letters have little emphasis. Compared to Anglaise, this is different and an adjustment. The script was named after Platt Rogerns Spencer (1800-1864) and was considered the golden age of ornamental handwriting 1850-1925 in the United States, which was written in schools.

The Spencerian is written with an elbow pen. This pen, with a fine pointed nib, makes it easier to execute the many swings. It cannot be learned in a weekend, more time is needed for practice, but with my instructions one will be armed to continue purposefully at home. The first thing is to practice using the unusual pen and nib to get a feel for it. The alphabet is learned in small steps, the capital letters have filigree curves and become eye-catching. The last step is to design one’s own initials and turn a short quotation into a small work of art.

Anglaise Engelberg
Anglaise gestalterisch
  • Main focus: For beginners, familiarisation with the pointed nib·
  •   For the others, familiarisation with the elbow nib & fine pointed nib·
  • Preliminary exercises for Anglaise or Spencerian·
  • Learning the ABC step by step·
  • Initials·
  • Short quotation decorated with ornaments
  • Course leader: Hanna Biedermann
    Tel: 061 322 56 36 / Mobile: 079 311 72 61 / E-Mail: hanna@kalligraphie-hb.ch·
  • Course fee: CHF 420.00 incl. complete course documentation, elbow pen holder, 2 nibs, (iron gall ink can be purchased from me).·
  • The course begins on Friday after dinner. ·
  • Accommodation in the monastery, 2 nights with single room, own bathroom/ full board, incl. room rental: CHF 370.00 for 6 participants – If there are more participants, the price will be reduced accordingly.·
  • What to bring: A short list of materials will be shared after registration.·      The course will take place with a minimum of 6 participants, maximum 10 participants.··
  • In order to secure your place, register early. For information about Engelberg Monastery: www.kloster-engelberg.ch
  • We will have an inspiring calligraphy course in Engelberg in the presence of like-minded people.
  • Kloster Engelberg
    Innenhof Kloster Engelberg