Regular Courses, quarterly and -semester courses in Basel

February 8, 2018 Colin

The digital world is incredible, we depend on it, but a lot is also lost in the process. I think of handwriting and in this case calligraphy. This wonderful art brings about an inner peace without allowing any disturbing thoughts. The pen with ink glides slowly over the paper, leaving its mark with alternating fine and bold lines. A connection between heart and hand is created. The emotions of the writer reflect the time taken for such a deliberate act and allows an individual expression.

Immerse yourself in the world of calligraphy. It has so much to offer and provides well-being and inner peace.

In the overview of my courses you will surely find something for you, there are many possibilities to choose from.


” The future belongs to those who recognise the possibilities before they become obvious.”

Oscar Wilde

My observations and thoughts during the courses

I am constantly struck by how much better people seem to feel after a calligraphy lesson, they often arrive stressed. Some are having self-doubts or saying they’re not creative at all, yet soon they become completely absorbed in what they’re doing and relax. It gets quiet in the group and almost meditative as everyone gets to work. It’s fascinating to observe and so rewarding when, a few hors later, they’ve made something they didn’t think they could and are absolutely delighted. These are moments that fill me with joy, calligraphy has a great power that I experience every day.


Quarterly and Semester Courses in Basel can be started anytime

Thursday, 9.30am – 11:30am

For beginners and advanced students. Beginners will start with the cursive font called Anglaise, those who already have some knowledge will learn a new font from traditional calligraphy after consulting me. All participants will be supported by me personally and individually.


Basel: Thursday 7:00pm – 9:00pm every 2nd week

Beginners: Introduction to calligraphy, with Anglaise and Antiqua
Intermediates: Humanist cursive, Merian fracture, Versals and Spencerian lettering. Experiment with various writing tools.

Intermediates: Experimental calligraphy – painted backgrounds combined with modern calligraphy through the use of different tools, techniques and material. Collages, create your own writing, thematic projects and designs with mixed media on paper, wood and canvas offering unlimited possibilities.

Münchenstein: Wednesday 7:30pm – 9:30pm, every 2nd week

Beginners: Introduction to calligraphy, with Anglaise and Antiqua  

Intermediates: Humanist cursive, Merian Fracture, Versals and Spencerian script. Experiment with various writing tools.

Work samples of participants

IMG_6656 (1)

Intermediates: Experimental calligraphy with painted backgrounds combined with modern calligraphy with the use of different tools, techniques and material.

Collages, develop your own writing, thematic projects and designs with mixed media on paper, wood and canvas offering unlimited possibilities.


Course Fees

Semester: 10 lessons CHF 450.- excl. material

(per lesson, 2 hours CHF 45.00.-)

If you cannot commit yourself for the whole semester or if you would like to join during the semester, you can participate for CHF 50.00.- per lesson.

Payment: please before the 1st lesson by TWINT 079 311 72 61 or transfer

(per lesson, 2 hours CHF 45.00.-)

Quarterly Course: 5 lessons – 2 hours, CHF 225.00.- (within a regular class)


Note: mixed groups, individual programs based on experience



A personal private course offers the following advantages:

  • My individual guidance and supervision allow topics of your choice to be worked on intensively and consequently your knowledge efficiently be deepened.
  • The processing of a special agreed on project can be efficiently tackled with my expert support and most customized advice.
  • The idea is missing to bring a begun work to perfection. Disappointment can turn into frustration. New food for thought is needed. With my competent advice, we can find together new and valuable impulses which result in creative solutions.
  • Calligraphic decorations (such as place cards) are created for an upcoming festive occasion, creating beautiful and inspiring accents.



Private lessons for families, companies, demonstrations at events, calligraphy on site in stores.

Dates and prices by arrangement.


 Prices for private lessons

Individual CHF 90.- per hour

2 persons each CHF 70.- per hour

3 persons each CHF 50.- per hour


Course for parents or grandparents with children from 8 years old in Basel

Playful creations with letters done with various writing tools and a lot of colors. A joy for young and old and a lasting memory.

1 hour, for 1 adult with one child, fee: CHF 90.00.-


Gift vouchers for courses

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for an occasion? Or would you like to give someone a special gift, something that will be remembered? With a gift voucher you will give joy.

  • The contribution of the gift voucher can be freely determined
  • The gift voucher will be sent as a beautiful design by mail to the client or, if desired, directly to the recipient.

Comments of participants:

„How shall I cope by doing calligraphy the entire weekend? “ (only the ones attending the first time are asking) I tell them: „ At the end of the course you’ll give youself the answer to your question raised. “Which sounds like: „ Why do we have to go home already?“

The quiet atmosphere at the monastery has a calming effect.

It is a special experience to do calligraphy in the comfort of the monastery, to be locked away from the busy outside world. The community of like-minded people inspires to have exciting discussions.

Attendees are happy about successful works, all the more when difficulties had been faced. All this are parts of a creative weekend.

The delicious meals are prepared home-made in the monastery kitchen are always appreciated by the people.

As a beginner, I joined Hanna’s calligraphy course. The participants are at different levels, some have been there for years. I really like being on the same course with experienced people because I don’t feel any pressure, I progress at my own pace. I’m amazed of their skills and the versatility of calligraphy.

I’ve been attending Hanna’s calligraphy course for a year. That’s where I found a new hobby. I can drift off into the world of calligraphy for hours, relaxing and rejuvenating, it’s pure joy. I’m fascinated by Hanna’s free designs, which reflect so much lightness, I would like to learn that.


Through the regular course I receive Hanna’s support and her suggestions which encourage me. Sometimes it only takes a single hint from her to solve my blockage. The exchange with the group is also stimulating and inspiring.

When I took a break, my self-discipline to practise became weaker and weaker, I lost motivation when I was on my own. Back in the course I felt in good hands again.



 Kids courses

Upon individual arrangement

For programs during school project weeks, participation in holiday programs, for other occasions or preparations for a festive occasion. In my demonstrations during a trade exhibition and at the MUBA many children came by to have try outs and took part in my calligraphy mini workshops.

The youngsters can be inspired for calligraphy. They get absorbed in excercises and have an unburdened approach with their inventivness. Thereby arises for the calligrapher the apportunity to contribute to the promotion of creativity for young people.

What I noticed:

Girls and boys were absorbed in their work, not noticing what was happening around them. They didn’t even want to have a break. They created independent and individual pieces of work.



Calligraphy with sick people


A few words about an experience:

A group of cancer patients assembled in a nice bright room. They were looking forward to get an impression of calligraphy. The room was filled with joy, togetherness, gratitude and love. I was touched by this wonderful experience and to meet with them. It felt so good to see the participants being happy carrying a smile on their faces while attending the course.They showed a lot of interest and were carried away with the writing of a pen and ink and to have a try to write some historical letters They had time off from their struggles and an opportunity to focus on something pleasant.

Calligraphy is meditativ and has a therapeutical effect, it helps to find ease of mind. It helps to overcome a difficult period, the ones who are suffering from a disease find relief through creative and calm activity. The severity will be replaced by positiv and new impulses which has a healing effect.

Teaching gives me joy there’s a lot to observe the up and downs of my students, with their progress they become courageous and implement their own ideas. They are filled with joy having succeeded with a given task. Calligraphy can offer so much, its beneficial, brings body and mind in harmony.

Work samples of participants

2017_04_20 (15)
Further courses on request
  • For school classes for example during a project week, program according to agreement
  • For companies during an off-site seminar or on site, a creative experience is guaranteed.The font will be executed with different nibs, it has a relaxing and stress-relieving effect
  • According to your request you will receive an offer
  • Course duration: 2 hours to 1 day
  • For professional creatives like for graphic designers, illustrators, typographers, a change from the computer back to handwriting with a pen and a pointed nib. It’s an experience to see how the letters develop into perfect forms. The eye is trained and forms the basis for designs
  • For school teachers for further education, creative course
  • During exhibition fairs, of a new shop opening, for special events etc. I will do calligraphy on site
  • On request I hold a workshop in your city

There are many other occasions for calligraphy.

I’m looking forward to inquiries!


Group exhibition with my students

My long- term students who participated at our group exhibitition at the Gallery Artworks in Liestal in 2013 had a great experience. The joint and individual preparations showed them what it means to put up an exhibition. It gave them a lot of pleasure to show their artwork for the first time in public. The local TV station Telebasel was broadcasting the highlights of the opening.

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Weekend courses in the monastery in Mariastein, SO

For many years I ran 3 weekend courses a year in the monastery of Mariastein. In the silence of this wonderful place of power we found the necessary peace to devote ourselves intensively to calligraphy.

After all those years at Mariastein Monastery, I ran a few weekend courses at Engelberg Monastery and at the Paxmontana Hotel in Flüeli-Ranft

Workshop in Budapest

Budapest is one of my favorite cities, where my roots come from. It was a special pleasure for me to offer the 6-day calligraphy workshop as an art and culture program. With my insider knowledge I introduced the participants from Switzerland and Germany to the mentality, the culture and the beauties of Budapest. Our studio was right on the banks of the Danube with a view of the castle, what more could you want?