Weekend Course at the Art Nouveau Hotel Paxmonana in Flüeli-Ranft, OW, 10.9.-12.9.21

December 18, 2020 Hanna Biedermann

Topic: The uncial

Friday, 10.9.2021, 5.00 pm – Sunday, 12.9.2021, 4.00 pm

No previous knowledge required

The thought of this new course location already awakens anticipation in me. Above the idyllic Lake Sarnen, nestled in the picturesque hills and surrounded by impressive mountain scenery, lies the Art Nouveau Hotel Paxmontana in Flüeli-Ranft, where the course will take place.

This place of power with its breathtaking view of the Obwald mountains and Lake Sarnen lies directly on the St. James Pilgrimage Route and is the birthplace and residence of St. Brother Klaus (1417-1487). The place is characterized by the history of Brother Klaus, on whose traces we will go. We will visit the Lower and Upper Ranft Chapel, which are closely located to the hotel.

Wochenendkurs Flüeli-Ranft
Unziale Workshop



The uncial is an appealing and timeless script from the 5th/6th century. For beginners it is an ideal introduction to calligraphy. The alphabet consists only of capital letters, which makes learning this script much easier. It has a round and wide typeface that requires a lot of space.



  • Beginners first learn how to use the broadband nib.
  • After the first exercises we start with the uncial alphabet.
  • Short text designs, with different width nibs.
  • For those who are already experienced, the script offers many possibilities for design with different colors and forms and offers a lot of room for experimentation, with classical and modern variants.
  • Application with different writing instruments.
  • The focus will be on the layout and how the texts are integrated.
  • Text with contrasting color on dark paper.
  • Decorative and contrasting lettering.
  • Inspirations from Brother Klaus.
Wochenendkurs Unziale

Course leader: Hanna Biedermann
Contact: Phone: 061 322 5636 / mobile: 079 311 72 61 / E-Mail: hanna@kalligraphie-hb.ch


  • Course fee: CHF 420.00.-including course materials, penholder & 2 broadband pens, (ink can be obtained from me).
  • What to bring along: A short material list will be provided after registration.
  • Full board: Food & Beveridge (in the hotel) & lodging in the guesthouse of the Paxmontana Hotel, incl. conference room rental: CHF 370.00.
  • The course will take place starting with a minimum of 6 participants, maximum 10 participants.
  • Registration until August 29, 2021 at the latest via the registration form on my website.
  • To secure your place, register early.
  • For impressions about the Hotel Paxmontana: paxmontana.ch/de


This weekend we will recharge our batteries and come home reenergized with new creative ideas, which especially in these unprecedented times is of immense importance.