Modern Calligraphy with Contrasts as a Taster Experience

August 2, 2019 Hanna Biedermann


During this course you will reach into the wonder bag, while you will experiment and experience your creative side. Before you really get started, you will first familiarize yourself with the nib and ink. The pointed nib has the quality of drawing fine and wide strokes by pressure and release, as no other writing instrument can do. You write first letters and short words with a modern calligraphic font. The next topic will be “Contrasts“. By changing rhythm, form and pressure you can change the font style, we will try this with single words. Amazing lettering will appear.

Moderne Kalligraphie

You will write with white gouache color on dark paper, which creates a great contrast. The creation of a personal greeting card will be the highlight of this evening. After that you just want to create your own cards.

The key facts for this course:

Course leader: Hanna Biedermann,

Date: Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 6.00 pm ā€“ 10.00 pm

Location: Papuni, Stephan-Gschwind-Strasse 17, 4104 Oberwil

Costs: CHF 160.00 incl. penholder, 2 nibs, ink, A3 paper, templates

Moderne Kalligraphie

After registration I will send you a confirmation. The amount is due by bank transfer up to two weeks before the start of the course.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation up to 7 days before course start: 50% refund. Cancellation 7 days prior to course start: No refund of course fee.

The course takes place from 4 participants, maximum 8 participants.

Bring along: Smooth drawing paper A4, ruler, pencil, white gouache color (tube) and another gouache color of your choice, who got it otherwise the colors can be borrowed from me, thin brush to mix colors, desk pad.

Iā€™m looking forward to a creative evening with you!