Calligraphy Holiday Course in Budapest, 16th September – 21st September 2019

December 17, 2018 Hanna Biedermann

Calligraphy Holiday Course in Budapest


Monday, 16th September – Saturday, 21st September 2019

Topic: Contrasts




I am pleased to offer a calligraphy workshop in Budapest, which is a wonderful cosmopolitan city where history, culture, art and the vibrant pulse of life meet. I decided on Budapest, because I am of Hungarian origin. I keep returning there to visit relatives and friends, but also because of so many other activities which I would like to share with you. There are many reasons why I feel so connected with this amazing city, therefore it just seemed natural to me to offer a calligraphy course here. With this I will give the participants a great opportunity to combine art with culture. In addition to the well-known, beautiful sights, there will be opportunities to get insights of places what tourists usually do not get to see and also to experience the Hungarian mentality interactively. I speak Hungarian and know the city. It will be my pleasure to introduce the group to many Hungarian delicacies. We will learn together, and we’ll have lots of fun. Budapest is called Paris of Eastern Europe. The city can boast about its beautiful location on the Danube, with the magnificent bridges connecting Buda and Pest. The castle which perches majestically on top of the Buda hill is offering a wonderful view of the parliament on the opposite riverside.


Our course venue will be in at the Danube in the center of Pest. The class will be held in the morning until the afternoon. In the course of each afternoon we’ll start with our cultural program to explore the city.

The theme of “contrasts” will accompany us through the days. We will perceive the contrasts during the city walks more attentive. We will draw from a large pool of resources and express contrasts in many ways.


One focus will be on the design aspect, which we will familiarize ourselves with simple exercises.

By attentive perception of our environment, we’ll receive many inspirations. We’ll focus on colors, shapes, moods, font styles and on letters. With this we develop independent, high-contrast and dynamic pictures or backgrounds for the subsequent text design with which the contrasts are expressed. The editing is done with various writing tools, inks and colors, sometimes combined with small collages. The calligraphic text design is done depending on previous knowledge with traditional or experimental calligraphy, as well as with scribbling and handwriting. Beginners will study and practice the classic sans serif Antiqua. After completed exercises, the learned script is written as text in the prepared backgrounds. The Antiqua can be combined well with italics and is suitable for experimental calligraphy.


Kontrast Träume

During these days we’ll work on the topic of “contrasts”, work into the variety of possibilities and find ways for effective designs. As always, it is important to me to give each participant my individual support while at the same time I let my passion for calligraphy feel.

I am happy to summit the complete offer.

Services included in the price: including flights, airport taxes, transfer from/ to the hotel, hotel accommodation, course fees, tour guide, daily ticket for public transport. As accommodation I offer the 3 *** Hotel Erzsébet and nearby the 3*** Hotel, The Three Corners Hotel Art Superior. They offer an attractive price / performance ratio, and both are centrally located in the center city and close to the course facilities.

Participants have the choice between departures to Budapest from Zurich with Swiss or from Basel with Easyjet. Departure on Monday, 16.09.19, return journey on Saturday, 21.09.19

Departure on Monday, 16.09.19 from Basel: EZS1233 BSL: 10:10 BUD: 11:50

Departure on Saturday, 21.09.19 from BUD: EZS1234 12:40 – BSL 14:20


Departure on Monday, 16.09.19 from Zurich: LX2254 ZRH: 12:15 BUD: 13:55

Departure on Saturday, 21.09.19 from BUD: LX2255 14:40 – ZRH 16:20


Price: Hotel Erzsébet (including breakfast) including the whole package for one person from Basel


Double room: CHF 1292.00.-

Single room:   CHF 1’627.00.-

The same total package for one person from Zürich

Double room: CHF 1’592.00.-

Single room:   CHF 1’927.00.-

Price: The Three Corners Hotel Art Superior (including breakfast) including the whole package for one person from Basel

Double room: CHF 1’307.00.-

Single room:   CHF 1’658.00.-

The same whole package for one person from Zürich

Double room: CHF 1’607.00.-

Single room:    CHF 1’958.00.-


Due to the higher fares from Zurich, the overall package becomes more expensive

Individual extension of the trip is possible on request.

Exclusive are food and material costs for the course approx. max. CHF 40.-


The Hotel Erzsébet is located in the pedestrian area of Pest, The Three Corners Hotel Art Superior is nearby. It is an appealing area that I like very much, with attractive shops and boutiques, restaurants, bars, really lovely for strolling and enjoying. It is a short walk to the Danube shore and the course location.

The flights and hotel accommodation will be organized by b & b travel (Tel. 044 380 43 43) in Zurich.

Flights to Budapest can also be organized from other destinations by  b&b travel.

The course takes place from 6 registrations and is limited to 12 participants


Registration : Please use the registration form for weekend courses from my website

Phone: 061 322 56 36

Mobile: 079 311 72 61


I would be very much looking forward to your participation.


Kind regards,